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Hello everyone,

It's been a little while since I last posted - I hope you're all well and healthy and that you'll enjoy this update about my incoming instrument from Casimi Guitars.

First up here is the mould - ready to receive the double sides.

Here they are, African Blackwood on the outside and wengé on the inside - tasty!

And here's a shot of the glued rim with the neck and end blocks.

In this episode of my video diary I explain some of my thoughts about African Blackwood in the context of this instrument (my tastes generally go towards mahogany and maple so this will be a real sonic departure) and Matthew and Matthias share their own thoughts on this wood and the use of laminated sides.

All the best

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Guitars by Jason Kostal, Strings by Elixir, Gefell Mics and a nail buffer.

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