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Default Neck assembly "in the raw"

This will give you a general idea of the fretboard and headstock shape. I've always appreciated the tapered fretboard style and often wondered why it is so rarely used--does anyone ever play on those upper frets?
Of course it looks odd since this design is so rarely used, but I think some of the modern-style luthiers (I know of a only a few who've made examples of this) could create different styles of tapered fretboards that are very attractive--you can use a straight line like on mine, or use a curvy style, in any number of different ways, depending on what fret you start the taper, how many total frets you want, etc.
Anyways, I like the look, but I don't expect it to become common anytime soon!
I looked at numerous examples of vintage and vintage reproduction instruments for ideas and this is what Tim and I settled on. It has 22 frets.

Yes, that fretboard is Pernambuco! It should make an excellent fretboard, but of course due to it's extreme rarity and light color, it's not exactly a popular choice. I think this particular piece is going to look very nice once it's fretted and oiled.
Headstock veneer is a very dark, streak-free piece of quartersawn Gabon Ebony.


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