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Originally Posted by DamianL View Post
Have to say - thatís one of the best sounding guitars/demos I have heard...amazing!
Thanks DamianL, The sound of the guitar really came through well on this recording. I'll probably use this sample for the Woodsman page of my new website I'm working on.

Originally Posted by Guitars44me View Post
My goodness the whole thing is BOSS!

I love the antiquing on the hardware. And the Video sound is tremendous already! Nice job Charlie, this axe sounds FINE INDEED.

Congratulations on a very successful build!!!!

Thanks Paul, I've collected pretty much everything I need for the case so I'll be moving along on that too.

Originally Posted by ukejon View Post
That classic Hatcher tonal clarity and balance. Such a beautiful instrument. Great project, Mark.
Thanks ukejon. I'm very happy how this came out. A lot of noise from a little box!

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