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Smile The whole package!

My goodness the whole thing is BOSS!

I love the antiquing on the hardware. And the Video sound is tremendous already! Nice job Charlie, this axe sounds FINE INDEED.

Congratulations on a very successful build!!!!


J Kinnaird RP 12c Cedar/Maple MWedge bevels port K&K
JK RP12c Cedar/Hog bevels port K&K
JK RP12c BCEuro/HRW. bevels, port, K&K
RT2 12c Sinker/Claro/Koa bevel ES1.3
94 LKSM 12
96 412ce

Coming: new JK Custom

FOR SALE: Mid '20s Weissenborn Style One
FOR SALE: Taylor 98 W-14c. Recent Factory FULL RENEW. $2795 shipped
FOR SALE: AT 4033a Studio Condenser Mic
FOR SALE: Hiscox LA-GAD Ivory/Silver MINT
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