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Originally Posted by DMZ View Post
Great job! I like the look of those. I once used gun barrel bluing on new standard screws for an aged look on a vintage art sign. The dip process was instantaneous. Been watching this thread and enjoyed the case creation/dovetailing joints almost as much as the guitar. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks DMZ, Yeah, I was happy how easy this turned out. It took longer to photograph than to actually do!

Originally Posted by SJ VanSandt View Post
I swear, Mark, I would love to have a poster of these pics for my studio wall! I'd love to have the guitar even more, of course, but G.A.S. is driving me to the poorhouse as it is. I hope, for my sake, you sell it quickly!
Hi Stan, Thanks! If you’d like a poster you could go to my Flickr site and download the pictures in full resolution. I do not have restrictions on any of the photos you see there.

Originally Posted by s2y View Post
Nice case. Do you also make artisanal coffins?
Now there’s an idea! I’d certainly not ever have to worry about customer satisfaction. I suppose a long build wait list could be a problem though!
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