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There's a lot of talk about Marie Kondo. She hit Netflix right at the moment that people are making New Year's resolutions to clean up their lives. I watched several of the shows and think most of it is nonsense. It's hardly a secret that you'd be cleaner and more organized if you threw most of the stuff in your house. It's not brain surgery to figure that you ought to keep only the clothes you actually wear. Her four part catagorization makes no sense. Almost everything that's problematic is in the "miscellaneous" category. Her method of folding t-shirts is terrible and time consuming. Her suggestion that things in kitchen drawers be organized by size countermands the standard directive to organize by function. Books aren't empty clutter. They're my friends. Sure, I could cut down to 30, but I don't want to. Storing them is what bookshelves are for. I could go on.
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