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OK, the problem is fixed. Here’s what I did/found, in case it benefits someone with a similar issue:
- I removed the strings, starting with the wound ones. The buzzing continued with every string, including the last nylon E string. This ruled out the strings being the problem. Not promising so far.
- Looking inside the guitar I discovered that the bridge was attached to the body with 2 small bolts with a washer and nut. These must be loose I thought. But thankfully they were tight. I didnt how I could have tightened them if they were loose.
- Then I notice a yellow glob against a brace in the photo I took of the interior. Excess glue attached to bracing and touching the soundboard. I cleaned it with my fingernail. Problem solved. This mist have been vibrating against the soundboard. Weird, but plausible I guess. New strings on, no more buzzing
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