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Internal mics are always tricky to get right and IMO work best in conjunction with other sources, the mic providing a small part of the overall mix. Boxy sound and feedback are the two main problems.

The only way to determine the best internal placement of a mic is to move it around and experiment as there is no way of knowing how *your* mic will react inside *your* guitar. So for that reason I would recommend mounting on a gooseneck which will give you flexibility to try different positions once installed

Mounting externally will give you far superior sound quality but of course has drawbacks in terms of it potentially getting in the way. Take a look at the DPA 4009, probably the best externally mounted guitar mic on the market, for ideas.

If you want to place the two mics inside the guitar you are multiplying the challenges, not least due to phase problems and increased risk of feedback. Miniflex are the experts in this approach and have some clever electronics that enable their dual mic systems to work together.

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