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Even as someone who ended up not bonding with his Emerald( hand pain from neck) I can say the workmanship seemed awesome to me, just a couple bubbles maybe in the finish(Earl has my old one and can check).
I also expect that they are on a well deserved holiday, and since guitar quality isnít life or death, maybe wait until January 4th or 5th or so to allow them to evaluate the problem and come to a solution? I am sure they will take care of the OP and this will turn out to be a good story in the end.
I thank the OP for sharing, it is good for all of us to remember that no one or no manufacturer is perfect. I always try to take a deep breath and give them a chance to make it right.
So even though I have settled on Rainsong and Blackbird CF guitars(for now) I donít Emerald bash, and am even a fan, the neck carve just wasnít ergonomic for me, a fact that still baffles me.
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