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Originally Posted by EvanB View Post

You may be rambling, but I think you're doing it nicely--recognizing the timing of the mess, the qualities of the instrument, and somewhat assured that Emerald is not going to give you the brush-off.

I suspect that you haven't heard from Alistair because his wife has probably demanded a no media get-a-way, which he probably needs.

I look forward to hearing how it all resolves and appreciate your ability to get beyond the immediate problems to an assessment of how the guitar sounds and feels.
Well said! I suspect you may get a response tomorrow morning from Alistair himself if Kevin is off until the new year. The time of year this happened is unfortunate. We all need a break from work and Alistair is certainly no different. I bet Evan nailed it on why you haven't heard back yet.

Melt, you're showing great patience and I think most people have assured your satisfaction in the end. Hang in there and be sure to keep us posted on how this story ends.