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OP here again. No response from Emerald and it's been nearly 48 hours. It is the weekend, and the holidays, so no problem. Some of you think I should have waited longer before posting - I see your point. As many have pointed out, some of the photos I posted point to frankly insignificant visual imperfections rather than actual issues with assembly or performance. As a new member to this particular forum, I'm glad to see that this group is having such a level-headed discussion.

The praise for the Emerald brand is found everywhere they are mentioned, not just here. Before ordering (yes, it was an in-stock guitar, not custom) I scoured the internet looking for negative opinions of the guitars. Aside from the typical complaints about this or that neck profile, I found no complaints whatsoever and the sound was universally praised. Buying my most expensive instrument unplayed and unheard felt like a huge gamble - I had to do a fair bit of explaining to my wife, and wondered on my own if I was insane. I had high expectations, and feel pretty crushed.

Knowing nothing about how the guitars are assembled, I can't say whether the little veneer nicks are avoidable or not. I have cut veneer on a scroll saw and by hand a time or two and recognize it is finicky stuff. I also have some of the tiny bubbles in the back/side weave finish that has been discussed on this forum before. I don't think these things are really a problem and I'd probably never look at them again - as I said above, examining guitars closely and looking for imperfections is not my usual MO. I hadn't seen anyone talk about or post close-ups of the veneer edges and corners, so was curious.

The fretwork is ugly but fixable. The dots are probably fixable, but not without more intrusive work and finish touchup. Drill out and replace with something larger/different...people sometimes do it for cosmetic reasons.

The dent is the biggest issue. While it's invisible to the player, it is obvious to everyone looking at them. My brother (who plays the accordion rather than guitar...yeah, he's got problems!) noticed it immediately. I don't know if this is repairable - again, how the guitar is constructed (unknown to me) matters. Removing and replacing a fingerboard is major surgery on a wooden guitar, where things are assembled from individual parts. Is this molded in one piece? Epoxied in place? Not sure...emerald will have to make that call, but I can't see myself getting over that.

Even with the problems this guitar has, I am impressed with the sound, the weight, and the general feel of the instrument. My first impression was that it is LIGHT - when I picked up the box I almost wondered if they had forgotten to pack it. The guitar in its lightweight case is about the weight of my empty taylor case. The boom of the bass is divine. Yeah it smells a bit funny and the finish squeaks against my leather couch - first world problems for sure!

Anyway, just rambling now. I'm not sure I'll have anything more to add until I hear back from the company.

Cheers all, and happy new year!
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