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Default The LA Woodshed Tapes--A Year of Guitar Playing in LA

Over at I've uploaded a new double cyber-cd. It's called The LA Woodshed Tapes--A Year of Guitar Playing in LA.

It's a collection of 59 acoustic guitar selections I digitally re-mastered from analog tapes I recorded while living for a year in the Los Angeles area (after having left home in eastern Kansas)--a personally important period of intensive, dedicated guitar playing: AKA--woodshedding.

The double cyber-cd includes at least one selection from every month in which I recorded during that specific stay in the LA region (it wouldn't be my last venture to LA...): February 1979 to March 1980.

Note: Definition of a Cyber-CD--As used here, a Cyber-CD is web-based digital compact disk where visitors may listen to--and download--at their convenience, for free, a number of music files that would, in a commercial venue, be considered a traditional CD.
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