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Originally Posted by Quickstep192 View Post
That redwood is beautiful.

Be careful when working on or storing the redwood top. Even just setting it on top of a small chunk of sawdust can make a dent in it.
Thanks for letting me know, but i'm aware of that, its been pointed out to me already and i have noticed from scraps that it is easily dented. I'm being careful and hopefully it will be ok and survive for the entirety of the build....

Originally Posted by Joel Teel View Post
Hi David,

I find the shape of your OM to be very pleasing. Is that a "Tunnel 14" Redwood soundboard, or the original "Tunnel 13" .......?

Thanks very much! its actually 'Tunnel 14' Redwood. Tunnel 13 Redwood was available but the historical aspects of Tunnel 13 don't concern me so I went for '14' wood which is pretty similar from what I was told and I just hope it comes out as well as it can as it has bucketloads of tone potential and I don't want to end up with a dud. Luckily I think it's so good, i don't think i can go that far wrong!
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