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Thanks Redir, yea Leopardwood/Lacewood really has something about its look, i'm looking forward to seeing that how that Redwood comes out under finish too.
I can't see how the way i'm using the deflection testing is going to do anything but help me out in the long run, unfortunately its one of those things that you don't see any gain from in the short term so building that jig felt like it was time I would rather have been putting into the guitar. But its done now so i'm happy.

In the meantime i've made some further progress both yesterday and today. One thing i've learnt is that I now have a good idea of how long most of the individual processes run, what the order of the processes are and in particular how long gluing time takes. That means i can multitask significantly better and as such i'm definitely seeing this build progress much faster that the previous ones.

Clamped the end and tail blocks into position
Untitled by David Emm, on Flickr

Glued some liners in, i don't care how good the 'proper' liner clamp devices are, they've all missed a trick by not making them multi coloured!
Untitled by David Emm, on Flickr

i'm using the Ryan guitars A5 liners here. After seeing some in person when I visited him recently I definitely thought they were worth a try. Love them so far!
Untitled by David Emm, on Flickr

Because this Leopardwood seems quite prone to splitting it was even more important to make sure I put some side splints/braces in this guitar.
Untitled by David Emm, on Flickr

The side splints/braces are in, but they still need to be cleaned up to make it a little tidier
Untitled by David Emm, on Flickr

Started shaping the back braces but ran out of time to finish them this evening.
Untitled by David Emm, on Flickr
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