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Originally Posted by Silly Moustache View Post
Earl49, I have a fair number of good quality guitars and I don't stint on maintenance nor string changes.
I don't care for coated strings in fact I tried a set again a while ago, but they don't last any longer than uncoated for me.

I use Ej17s on four dreads, a jumbo, two archtops and and a Weissenborn, and I change them, plus other types for other instruments.

I don't begrudge changing strings, in fact I enjoy it, but I am simply asking if prices have hiked by 50% in two years elsewhere.

I'm aware of the currency exchange rate changes but this seems radical.
For info I've checked prices in Germany and they have hike similarly there too.
I was going to recommend coated strings since they last long and Elixir has the 2 for 3 packs, that with a coupon at many retailers ends up being an even better deal, maybe even with shipping from the US--though I dunno about that--it's just an assumption.

With that said, my suggestion for you would be to buy bulk packs from certain places. The best game in town would be:

They ship internationally with $10 plus 24% added on top (see the FAQ:

Even WITH those extra costs included and included shipping, a pack of 24 would set you at $4.23/pack or 3.14 quid at today's exchange rate (use a credit card that doesn't charge foreign fees). indeed, not bad at all cost-wise for good stuff.

BTW, the Webstrings stuff is really good, and like they say on their webpage, they source their stuff from the same factory as the big name brands--just without the marketing/branding/3rd party fatness tacked on. I personally suspect D'addario supplies them as many users say both tones are very similar, but I nor others have proof aside of anecdotal and biased/ignorant conjecture.

Regardless, this idea could be a very compelling option for you....

To put your mind at ease, here's some opinions on them. You can also Google research them thru the forum chats as well. They're legit.

EDIT #2: (a highly reputed store here in the States) also offer branded strings that get raves and are cheap & comparable to what you use. They ship to UK. Currently on Holiday Sale of $2/pack! Check them out:

.......btw, since you shop on Ebay, be very wary who your supplier is. Even on Amazon, 3rd party suppliers have sold counterfeit strings. D'ads and EB's are some of the knock-offs you'll see by the boatload. The string companies constantly are combating these fakes, so if you get some fakes, contact the string Mfgr. pronto. They're very aggressive in going after these fake sellers.

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