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I must admit I don't really know how to respond to what does it sound like unplugged. It is the first "acoustic" arch top I have owned. To compare it to flat tops - I would say it is punchier, doesn't ring as much and has less sustain. It isn't as loud as a flat top when I play with my fingers, but can crank out a pretty good amount of sound with a pick. It clearly loves rhythm. When I demoed some Eastmans, the mahogany wasn't quite as bright as the maple arch tops. One of the more interesting aspects of this guitar (and probably most with a floating pickup) is how similar the electric tone is to the pure acoustic sound. When I dial the tone knob all the way back, it still has more of an acoustic vibe through the amp than a "smoky" electric jazz tone.
I have probably displayed my ignorance of jazz guitars all over this post.
So, what else can I say, I like it a lot. I played it two nights ago with my friend who just got a new banjo. The arch top and the banjo -- we had fun.
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