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I guess I'm lucky as a primarily (nearly exclusively) electric player since '72, I can just go for whatever sounds the best to me without having to compare it to the monolith that is Martin and their legacy except in direct A/B situations when shopping. I played a bunch of Martins recently and they were nice, but not the be all and end all of acoustic guitars to me, anyway. I readily admit I can't listen to two guitars on a record and hear that one is a mahogany D18 and another a rosewood D28 though. To me it is simply two sounds, and they are either nice or not (and they usually are if they made it to record lol).

Originally Posted by The Bard Rocks View Post
It's a fitting tribute to Martin that we are having this (these) discussion(s). If their guitars weren't great, no one would be trying to emulate or improve upon them.
No arguing that!
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