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Originally Posted by Andyrondack View Post
Bizarely a scientific study was carried out on hooked nails, the nail boffins concluded that it was due to stresses originating from the nail corners as the nail grows and not letting the corners grow out was key to preventing the nail hooking round as it grew, well I tried it , regularly rounding the corners off but it made no difference to my nails, might work for others though.
I've tried that nail shaping approach too, but no luck.

What's working best for me is a little "ramping" in 'i';
straight across (per Charles Duncan) on 'm'; and no nail
on 'a'- callus only on that one, which makes for a nice pure
tone on the top string, but at the cost of having to play
a little more firmly with that finger. Practicing with the
little finger helps, too.
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