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Originally Posted by Carey View Post
My nails hook quite a bit, too, and what (mostly) works for me is to take
the advice given for that type of nail in Charles Duncan's very fine book 'The Art of Classical Guitar Playing', and file them pretty much straight across , starting at a slight angle from beneath the nail. A little hard to describe, but if you think about what the string "sees", it might make more sense.

Otherwise, I agree with the advice above that the flesh has to touch first at least a little bit, both to stop string "sizzle", and to really know where the string is.
Bizarely a scientific study was carried out on hooked nails, the nail boffins concluded that it was due to stresses originating from the nail corners as the nail grows and not letting the corners grow out was key to preventing the nail hooking round as it grew, well I tried it , regularly rounding the corners off but it made no difference to my nails, might work for others though.
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