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Originally Posted by Steve DeRosa View Post
I've played a couple, and although I'm partial to the "baby Falcon" white version - I was seriously thinking of buying one and "Falconizing" it with aftermarket parts - it's a fully pro-quality instrument that just happens to sell at an intermediate/step-up price; FWIW I've seen a couple local Beatles tribute bands use it as their "George" guitar, and if you ever get the chance to run it through a Vox AC combo (I like the AC10 1x10" and AC30S1 1x12" with this guitar - YMMV) it'll bring tears to your eyes...

BTW, don't be afraid to ask for an additional discount - IME Sweetwater is very accommodating in this respect - use the difference toward a hardshell case (check out the Gator Journeyman - near dead-ringer for a $500 Gretsch "Western" factory case at 1/4 the price), and have a couple sets of flatwound 11's on hand (de rigeur on a hollow/semi-hollow Gretsch)...

My father thanks you...
My mother thanks you...
My wife thanks you...
My daughter thanks you...

- and I thank you...
Thanks, Steve,

I'm also considering ordering the "baby Falcon" model:

Gretsch G5422TG Electromatic Hollowbody Double-Cut with Bigsby - Snowcrest White

I've just sent an email to my Sweetwater sales engineer asking for the best price he can give me on the "George" and "baby Falcon" models, and for buying both models at once. I'd keep the "George" and give my daughter the "baby Falcon".
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