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Well an update on how I got on with this, someone else may have the same problem and find this usefull.
I don't actually play with nails but fingerpicks , nevertheless nail technique is still relevant.
I shortened some picks down to 1mm so I could feel the flesh of fingertips brush the string before the plastic followed through, that felt more like I was getting better control but I still struggled to increase the speed of this jig much without sometimes miss hitting strings , felt too much like the picks were snagging, remembering something I had once read on Classical Guitar Shed website I studied the site again, filed some picks to 2mm and focused on pushing down on the strings instead of plucking, not so much room between the strings on a steel guitar to do this but it straight away it made a big difference . Got it up to 115bpm now which is fast enough to sound like dance music.
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