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Ya done it!

I'd start with Martin Monel MM13 mediums - they're a true acoustic string that has magnetic properties (PB's don't), were the string of choice for the first generation of electric players until LaBella introduced flatwounds (lousy for acoustic tone, BTW) circa 1940, and had a loyal following into the early 1970's. On a hog-body archtop they'll emphasize the natural sweetness of the wood combination (one of the reasons the spruce/mahogany postwar Epiphone Devon is a cult favorite among cognoscenti), taking out some of the initial stridency as you break it in and adding warmth to the tone. In addition, they're endowed with the paradoxical properties of "slinky" under-finger feel and higher linear tension than 80-20/PB; I've been using them on my Godin 5th Avenue for a couple years with successful results, and IME you'll have a playing feel similar to lights, with the additional tension necessary to drive the top enough to get credible comping tone...

Use it well and often...
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