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From the website:

Finding a hardshell case that will properly protect your vintage archtop can be a daunting experience. Regular [flattop guitar] cases don't properly fit archtop bodies, and most retailers don't carry anything else. We are pleased to offer a line of deluxe vintage style cases with multi-ply wood shell construction, plush or velour-lined, that combine the best of traditional styling with modern engineering and ruggedness, as used by Gibson, Guild, and many of the top custom builders in the USA. Our cases have vintage style multi-ply wooden bodies specifically contoured for the special demands of archtop guitars, with arched lids, accessory compartments, locking latches, and additional padding to support critical neck heel and shoulder areas.

17" cases fit full-depth Gibson L-5, L-7, L-10, L-12 and guitars made after 1934, including Johnny Smith, Le Grand, Super V, and other electrics and cutaways including the ES-5, 295, 300 and 350 series and postwar ES-150. 17" Epis include the Triumph, Broadway and Deluxe models after 1935, including electrics and cutaways. Other 17" guitars include later D'Angelico Excel, Style A, B and Special; Vega C-56, 66, 76, and 86; all 17" Guild A and X series, including Artist Award; 17" Vega, Kay, Harmony, Regal and other US and Euro archtops; 17" Heritage and Fender archtops; imports including Epiphone, Ibanez, Yamaha, Washburn, Loar, Eastman and others; and most 17" luthier built guitars.
Contact for pricing...
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