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If your interest is not in the results of playing the nylon string guitar but in cross-training to improve your skill and understanding of music, I don't think you are going nearly far enough.

A nylon string guitar isn't that different from a steel string. I suggest you take up the piano. The piano allows you to play 2 independent voices with ease, one or both of them can be full chords. The layout aids with understanding theory. It's easier to learn/improve reading skills on it. Probably almost every person in the last 300 years who composed any kind of music for other people to play did it on a keyboard.

I bought a digital piano less than 2 yrs ago and am already amazed with what I can do, and how much I learned beyond where I would be if I had just continued only playing guitar.

Probably the most signficant cross-training effect I've noticed on guitar is time compression. On piano, I have learned to pay attention to melody on one hand, chords on the other, making decisions about what to do with both at the same time. When I go back to guitar, doing basically only one thing at a time with both hands, it seems like time is slowed, and I have plenty of time to look ahead, focus on sound and technique details, etc...
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