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Originally Posted by imc2111 View Post
I like the way classical guitars sound, and the idea of having a guitar with a very different tonal palette to steel string is quite alluring.

However, I find that it takes a bigger effort to switch from metal strings to nylon, as the attack and feel is very different. Going from an electric guitar to steel string acoustic is a very easy transition, but nylon strings are different.

I’ve been interested in having a nylon string for a while, but I sometimes think it wouldn’t be a good investment of my practice time to be switching between two very different feeling instruments.

As a most here are steel string players, what do you think about nylon string guitars?
It does not interest me at all.
I dont care for how they sound, how the play and i dont listen to any music that involves classical/Spanish guitars so it does not trigger me to play or learn tunes on them either.
But they look nice
Just a dumb swede
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