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Originally Posted by MarkinLA View Post
Though I as yet haven't been able to look into ALL the guitars all of you have mentioned, I do thank you all for all the great amount of input !!!
ckmurf, your particular review is quite attractively put !! Not 100% sure I want a radius-ed fingerboard. But I'll check it out !!

Thanks again,
Mark, Los Angeles
FWIW, I can't really tell that my fretboard is radiused. I had a very similar parlor guitar, A&L Ami Nylon, basically made by the same company. It had a slightly narrower, flat fretboard, same c-shape and neck thickness. I could tell the strings were closer together on the Ami when comparing, but I couldn't feel the radiusing or notice any playing issues with the LaPatrie. The main drawback I have found to the radiusing is that it's unusual, so it's hard to find replacement saddles. Could apply to the nut too.
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