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I heartily recommend Evans amps - they're not cheap but remarkable amps built by a single guy in NC. I have the RE200 - 200 watts into an Eminence 10" speaker and it's just the perfect amp for me at just 27 pounds. I also have and recommend the Quilter 101R with whatever cabinet you want to hook it to - mine is an Ear Candy 'Mr Watts' clone that I built with an 8" Eminence Alpha A speaker - the whole thing weighs about 12 pounds.

Both of these are very useable for jazz - I use them with my Tele and plan to use them with my incoming '94 Gibson ES-165 Herb Ellis model.

I have had Roland Cubes in the past as well as various Polytones and for some reason couldn't bond with them - too 'boxy' sounding to my ear. The Roland Jazz Chorus amps used to be popular but I hear they have a 'hiss' problem that can't be gotten rid of.

Good luck in your search.
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