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Originally Posted by dc. View Post
...Lots of guys like Quilter Amps but they are not specifically designed for jazz players, which may be an advantage or disadvantage depending on what you’re using it for...
Actually, they do have one - the MicroPro Mach 2 HD 1x12" Combo:

From the Quilter website:
...The ultimate amp for serious headroom in a small package, the HD-12 combo uses yet another Quilter driver cherry-picked from the pro-audio catalog. The Celestion BN12-300s sports a neo magnet and larger voice coil with a 300 watt rating, and provides a cleaner, wider range response than the alternative Classic Lead 80. Combined with its lighter weight, it's perfect for the the jazz or blues player or anyone who loves an EVM-12L type speaker response.

The powerful magnet, cloth suspension, and parabolic cone provide deeper bass and smoother mids, with well controlled highs that wake up when pushed with overdrive. Great for electric and especially hollow body instruments, the HD-12 combo packs a serious punch for players who want to fill the stage with a combo that only weighs 21 pounds. Plays well by itself, or when stacked on the MicroPro Extension Cab..
Not cheap at $1299, but neither are the Henriksen or Evans - and IMO the Quilter is not only more stylistically versatile, but offers more tone-shaping options when you're inclined to venture outside the straight-ahead jazz realm...
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