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Originally Posted by gtcarter View Post
Eastmans are nice but don't forget about Guilds. You can pick up older Guilds for a decent price and they sound great I think...
The only Guilds that fit the OP's small-body requirement are the non-cut/all-laminated A-50 (their answer to Gibson's L-48) and the carved-top/Florentine-cutaway CA-100 - both kinda hard to find outside the Northeast corridor (the great bulk of them were made in New York and Hoboken, and in the waning days of acoustic archtop popularity they tended to be a regional brand), the '50s versions retain the thick necks of their New York Epiphone progenitors (he's looking for something significantly slimmer), and while they're cheaper than a similar-vintage Gibson L-4C a decent CA-100 will still set you back $2K+/- ...
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