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Originally Posted by JGinNJ View Post
...The better Loar models are popular, with carved tops, though I don't think they have cutaways...
Loar used to make the LH-350 and LH-650 models, with a single suspended pickup and loosely based on the Gibson L-4C, that sold for about $800 and $1200 street respectively (they appear to have been discontinued as they no longer appear on their home page); the problem for the OP is that the necks are old-school thick - particularly in the case of the LH-600/700 non-cut models - and since he's looking for something close to his Breedlove I don't think it's quite what he's after. No problem tone-wise though, and if it weren't for the period-accurate '20s thick-V profile I'd probably own an LH-700 right now...
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