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Default Looking for collective wisdom

I play guitar in a trio that plays a wide range of music that has recently begun to add jazz standards. Up until now Iíve been satisfied with the the sounds my guitars provide (6 and 12 string Breedloves). However when I listen to someone playing an archtop I realize that the archtop is providing the sound I want to add for our trio. Iím new to the archtop experience. Iíd really like similar features in an archtop to my Breedloves (concert shape, cutaway, and flattened C shape neck). This is a guitar for playing so used is fine. It will be played plugged in (if there is a pickup) but it will also be played unplugged as there are a number of songs we play with microphones. So it does need to sound decent unplugged. I donít have a price point, but this is for playing so Iíd like to keep it under $1500. Everyoneís collective wisdom would be appreciated as to brands and models that I can start to look into. TIA
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