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No luck finding any rosewood. I went to a local cello builder and he cut me a piece of??? ,reckoned it would do. Its a bit more orange than the fretboard but,to be honest, Im beyond caring. I just want to keep going and get the guitar back on the road. So, I routed out a square from the fretboard and glued in the mystery wood.I think it went well, a few chip outs which I reglued straight away. We'll see tomorrow for sure. I was thinking to stain it with coffee grinds to try and bring it closer to the original.Ill have a go.It cant hurt.
Thinking forward to re attaching the neck. How to reset it? Is there a golden measurement when I lay a straight edge along the top of the frets to the top of the bridge? It a floating bridge with 2 wheel adjusters.Thanks.
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