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I was originally thinking of that ( taking some of the rosewood off the fretboard to patch the damage) but i think it would end in tears. I went to a local luthier today and showed him the neck. He also agrees with the dowel idea and is going to have a look for a rosewood offcut. He suggested fitting a triangular shape as there is one hole (off-center) at the13th fret and 2 holes on the 14th. A pearl inlay is an idea but I think it would look out of place due to the size and the fact that the fret markers are simple dots. It not a very decorative guitar.
He reckons the frets are good enough condition though might need a leveling.
I will have to pull the 13th out to give me room to work,as the damage from the front hole extends under the fret.
I glued up the broken heel yesterday and it came out well. I will have to match some paint to tidy the joint and find some sort of laquer or polish to cover the paint and try to blend everything in.
I had a go at dowel making today with partial success. I gave up in the end and spent the rest of the day sharpening my chisels! Ill get back to the dowels tomorrow.
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