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Thanks for the replies. I am looking for a local luthier that I can actually show the neck to (and hope for some goodwill advice).
Im glad that the dowel idea is acceptable. Ive already been on youtube looking at 'How to make dowels'.Seems pretty straight forward. I have a load of offcuts of Maple,Cherry and Purple heart (from some end grain chopping board builds I did last year). Which do you think would be the best suited for the dowels? I think I need the best flex strength. The screws that were put in were about 6 or 7 cm long,crossing the break,which is about a third of the way down the heel. I reckon I need to drill out and install dowels at least that long.
I dont think I can salvage any rosewood from the fretboard unless i lob off a couple of CMs from the overhang on the end. I dont really fancy doing that,though I dont think itlll affect the playability of the guitar. It feels a bit barbaric. Im going to try and source a small bit of rosewood from somewhere.The colour and grain match aren't a big issue for me. Its such a small patch and it'll be a big improvement from how it looks at the moment
Today, I managed to scrape most of the old glue out of the break and scuff up the wood for re-glueing. I also built a couple of cauls ( I think thats the word) One shaped to fit over the fretboard and one to fit on the bottom of the heel. So I should be ready for the re-glue tomorrow.
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