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Default Hofner Congress restoration

The time has come to have a go at restoring my Hofner Congress. It is currently in three pieces. A body, a neck and a broken heal. At sometime the neck had snapped off the body leaving half of the heal still in place. It was then glued back on and three large flat head screws were driven down through the fretboard at the 14th and 15th frets and filled with some sort of glue/laquer. A lovely job.
I have been able to separate the neck and body and Ive gotten the screws out without further damaging the fretboard.A quick twist on the heal was all it took to re-break the glued joint with minimum tearout.
The plan now is to clean and re-glue the joint and drill out the 3 screwholes to accept three lengths of dowel. I would plug the tops but the holes are out of line and would not look good. I thought to route out a square of fretboard covering the holes and inlay a veneer of the same wood (rosewood,I think).
Does this sound like a viable plan? Im a carpenter not a luthier, so any advise would be appreciated. Thanks.
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