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Default Love my Loar

I'd like to say a few words in praise of my Loar LH-700. I bought it used through Reverb about a year and a half ago. Payed about $1000. It had hardly been played. I had no archtop experience but wanted the classic L5 sound having heard a bunch of YouTube vids from Jonathon Stout on his L5. (I recommend his solo acoustic guitar album "Pic it and Play it") I'm so happy with the Loar. I think it really has that sound and plays just fine. It's my go to guitar for couch playing which is about all I do these days. I can feel the vibration of the back against my body, very cool. I really think the sound has gotten better the more I've play it. I've used Elixir Nano phospher bronze (PB) strings on all my other guitars and have them on the Loar right now. They are very "zingy" if you know what I mean. I tried Martin Retro monels on it and liked the sound, very different from the PB's, darker, I want to say "duller", but not in a bad way. I'll go back to the monels when the PB's die, which takes a long time. Elixirs last, expensive but worth it to me. I play mostly jazz standards using four note movable chords up the neck. Love the sound in that style.
Anyway just wanted to share. Cheers!
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