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Originally Posted by mandobaron View Post
I'm on the hunt for a 16" archtop that excels at old time and folk music as well as punchy old school jazz. Must have a raised fingerboard to get a floating pickup under there right at the end of the neck.

I've got a '53 L-50 that I love the sound of, but the fingerboard right on the neck means I can't get a floating pickup in there where I want it.

A lot of the modern builds I've played have a much smoother sound, and I can't shell out for a real-deal vintage L-5.

I think there were a couple transitional years in the 30's where L-50s had a raised board, and some other years where L-4's and L-7's hadn't moved to 17" bodies.

Or maybe there is a modern builder out there that captures the grit of the old ones at a price that doesn't break the bank?

Would love any pointers, be it specific years where vintage guitars fit my need, modern builders to look into, etc.

Perhaps you mean something like this :


However, if you are going to screw a floating pick up on it - then might as well just go for a loar.
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