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Thanks for the thoughts everyone!

I would certainly consider outfitting my L50 with a pickup if I could get one under there, but have yet to find anything that would get close unfortunately. The Krivo is the lowest profile, but suggests a 7/16" clearance, where I am measuring only 7/32" on my L50 going by their specs:

Approximate dimensions: Length- 2 3/4" (72mm); length including mounting tab- 3 3/8" (86mm); Width- 1 1/2" (40mm); Depth: 9/32" (6.5mm) Minimum recommended string clearance: approx. 7/16" (11mm) from guitar top to bottom of strings at the end of the fingerboard, with strings depressed at highest fret.

I've played some of the Loars, and they are certainly good for the money, but the ones I've played haven't had the sound I was after.

I'll have to look into those Epi's! Thanks for the tip!

I've been eyeing that L4, it's a beauty for sure. If it had a raised board I'd be all over it.

I've tried some under saddle transducers and haven't really found any of them to get the sound I'm after. Really looking for a P90/DeArmond sound out of a magnetic pickup.

The hunt continues, thanks again for all the wisdom!
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