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Thanks Backcountry. I wonder what a set of acoustic 13ís would do in terms of top response, since thatís what youíre used to. I play that gauge on dreadnoughts, and am fine both with a flat-pick and various methods of fingerstyle, from bare to thumbpick. I also have a really nice 900 series Eastman archtop strung with acoustic 13ís in nickel bronze, which I like.

Next question: how arched is that top? Iíve looked at available photos and have not het seen a good one showing the actual degree of arch, and the general contours. Not sure I personally would even be able to take such a set of photos if called upon, but if you get a notion and have opportunity, do you think you could snap a couple at an angle that shows the top? Thanks.

Fwiw, put me down as a real fan of what Emerald is putting out! Iíve grabbed ďa coupleĒ myself in the past year or so. Great stuff.
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