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Originally Posted by MC5C View Post
"That is an awesome piece of quilted maple on that beautiful Kestrel. "

Which begs two questions for me - is that a layer of veneer on a carbon fiber top, or is it carved solid wood? Is carved solid wood able to compete with carved spruce, redwood, etc, for a truly excellent acoustic guitar?

I've got a few guitars with exceptionally visually interesting back and side wood, but I only ever look at the front... So I wonder why?
If it's like every other Emerald with a wood-looking top, it's a razor thin veneer on a carbon fiber top. And the back and sides are also carbon fiber, but without the veneer. The veneer is just there for aesthetic purposes - people with equivalent all carbon and carbon+veneer models seem to find no notable difference between the sound of the all-carbon tops and the carbon+veneer tops.
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