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Originally Posted by JimCA View Post
I have a 24 3/4" scale X7 nylon -- slotted head stock is longer than steel string head stock, 13 frets to body gets back some length. Fits tightly in X7 gig bag, more tightly than my 24" scale X7 steel string. Don't know how that translates to new X7. The difference between those scales just isn't significant for me. I would (and may) go with standard 24" (+ a little?) new X7. 3 X7 guy!! -- would feel kramster-esk!
I would enjoy hearing a comparison between the new and old X7s; as well as some discussion about the larger body and how it "fits." Experiencing the difference between the X7 and the X20, it is very apparent that the ergonomics were part of each design.

When I began to think about another Emerald, it was for the "in between" size that might give the comfort of smaller X7 with the sound push more like the X20. I was surprised when the new X7 and the X10 came in close in body size... makes me think Alistair has created a new, smaller standard. Exciting times for Emerald fans.
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