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Originally Posted by tbirdman View Post
Trying to narrow down the preamp field. It needs to be battery powered as I don't want to be looking for power outlets. The short list so far is the Baggs Venue, Red-eye, Sunnaudio Stage DI, Grace Bix, Mesa Rosetta. I could even imagine going with a simple belt clip one like Baggs Gigpro or a cheap Behringer DI ADI21 for the time being.

I may want something today with a little more EQ control/features for possible future guitar acquisitions which I know will happen.

Not sure if there are more preamps than pickups or opinions
Here is my experience. Once I had Dazzos in a guitar, and I thought about trying any of the other options like Trance, I slapped myself silly and said to myself, Teddy can put a pickup in my guitar that will be perfect, why would I want a pickup I had to EQ? When I brought him a Pono parlor, he said want more bass? Yes please. Over six guitars, I have pickups from his 100s to his 55s and everything in between. Every guitar I can take to open mic and plug in and be good to go. So I would tell you, you might never have a pickup other than a Dazzo. Buying a Grace will greatly complicate your life. You need to plug and play at an open mic.

FYI, a new SunnAudio DI 2 is on the horizon.
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