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When I bought my first Dazzo, Teddy had been recommending the Baggs PARA DI, but had just switched to the RedEye, which was much cleaner and HI fi sounding, by my third or fourth set, he demoed a SunnAudio prototype. I was a big RedEye fanboy, but went SunnAudio for the warmer and fuller frequency. I'd have no problem with a RedEye.

Here is a big consideration. Your Dazzo will need next to no EQ, unlike a K&K or similar that can use a high pass filter and three bands of EQ. So a unit like a RedEye might seem to lack features, you don't need the features. Now when you know a quality potentiometer costs $20, and good ones do, what do you think is used on a four knob pre selling for $200? The RedEye is made with a low cost transformer they have found is pretty good for the money, which I believe is around $20. The transformer I bought for my Hifi step up transformer was $100 and I could have spent $500. So even with my SunnAudio DI, I've never touched the EQ knobs. You spend money on quality components, not a lot of components.

SunnAudio works hand in glove with Dazzo, so that's what I'd do, but a budget buy of a used RedEye can be had less than $150. A passive DI with a 1 MEG ohm input impedance will get you buy.
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