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It sounds like it's sliding in into an argument of technical terms. I'm not an engineer but it sounds like the term 'stiffness' might be part of the engineers manual and that it is an actual property of in this case the top of the wood.

So if you measure the top for stiffness you get a number. Then no matter how you brace it you are not changing the number or the measured properties of the top. However of course you are also bracing the top which makes it stronger for the sake of handling over 100 pounds of string tension.

So if you suspend a floppy unbraced top across two supports at each end and put a 5 pound weight in the middle it will deflect say 1/2 inch for example. Now brace the top and do the same test. It only deflects .03 inches now so its 'stiffer' in the layman's sense of the word but the Young's Modulus of the top has not changed.

The engineers can correct me if I'm wrong.
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