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Originally Posted by Guitars44me View Post
I am not sure how I missed this thread before, but I'm glad to be aboard now!
This seems to be coming along at a good clip, and it sure is pretty.

It's hard to believe that English is not your first language, as your English is better than many of my former band mates!!! Haha

This will be a sweetheart !

Have fun

Thanks Paul! excited to start the work on the neck also so I can get an idea of the whole look!

Originally Posted by OM-42 View Post
Hi Tom,

Your guitar looks absolutely amazing. I absolutely love the woods you've chosen. They certainly remind me of my 2 Sands guitars. You're going to love your guitar. Sorry it took me so long to get AGF.


Hey Bruce - Thanks for passing by! Your guitar and your kind guidance have been key in designing this instrument. Excited to see your M once finished, should not be too long now.

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