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Originally Posted by Rumblefish View Post
Go to Reverb and set up a feed for Nationalís. Watch it like a hawk. Reasonably priced ones pop up but they go quickly. I got my 2005 Polychrome Tricone for under $1200 and bought it within an hour of it being listed. Selllers who have things listed will sometimes do a big price drop. You have to do your research and be ready to jump.

Nothing wrong with Gretsch and they are good for the money but the difference is night and day and itís worth being patient for a good deal on a National. It will also hold its value.

Been trying this... I think youíre right. Iím not looking at that specific model but several that I like are popping up used but barely played for a substantial discount and it makes the economics pretty different. I think Iím going to save up for the National. Thanks to everyone for the feedback.

And if that post was from Ray Whitney of the Sharks, thanks for all the great goals, esp that 2OT goal against Kidd in the playoffs!!
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