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Default New Kostal Build - OMC Koa/German Spruce (nearing the finish line)

I'm on Jason's schedule for a mid 2020 12 fret OMC commission for what I believe will be a superlative fingerstyle instrument so I'm starting this build thread. The only activity that will happen this year will be Jason looking for a set of master grade koa that will be used in the build.

Based on my desire for a balanced and sweet tonal response and my impressions of my Taylor K-22 all koa 12 fret versus my higher end guitars (Froggy Bottom, SCGC, Collings, and Robinson), we both came to the conclusion that the combination of German spruce and koa will produce an exceptionally sweet, balanced, and orchestral sounding instrument. My K-22 is a wonderful guitar and I find it's tone to be exceptional but from a sustain and resonance standpoint, it's almost like the gain knob is turned down a bit compared to the same parameters as my higher end guitars.

I'll be spending this year figuring out final aesthetic details to work out (rosette, end graft, binding, etc.) but very excited to be a future Kostal owner. Stay tuned.
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