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Originally Posted by rick-slo View Post
Don't get these noises recorded in the first place. Trying to remove them later is highly unsatisfactory.
Originally Posted by Doug Young View Post
I agree with Rick-slo, this more of a tracking question that a mixing issue. Get a chair that doesn't squeak, and practice sitting still when you play. Keep mics away from your mouth, and stay calm and breathe gently. You can hear breathing on a lot of acoustic guitar recordings, but you should be able to minimize it with some practice and mic placement.

If all else fails, there are tools like iZotope RX that can remove noises, and you can always edit in the same spot from an alternate take. Depends on your software how that works, but it's basically cut and paste.
thanks for the answers. just to clarify, there were two questions. in teoaagr, doug you mentioned that you cleaned up some chair noises. so my first question was just wondering how you did that. i think you answered that with izoptope rx.

the question about breath sounds wasn't clear, but i was looking for pointers on reducing the sounds when recording, not after the fact. i appreciate the tips. i think i'm a noisy breather, and my face and the mic both seem to want to point toward the 12th fret. maybe i can build a little shield for the mic. at any rate, i should start my own thread about this. thanks for the help.

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