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So the big question is--do you like your tone?

If you do, then just push the comments aside as being from the internet blowhard that he is...dollars to doughnuts he'd never tell you that in person.


At least in my experience, the criticisms that have bugged me the most are ones where I know there's some truth in them...I personally do think there's too much reverb going on--but that's my personal preference--and I never thought you were posting finished products--I always took your videos as "hey, here's something I'm trying, give me some feedback"

See, if I could record you, we'd rent an old church...three microphones--one for your voice, one for your guitar, and one a few feet away to pick up some ambient room sound. No reverb added, only the natural sound of the room...

But that's ME. I'm not doing your recording...make sure YOU'RE happy with YOUR tone and don't take any comment some fool makes on the internet without a grain of salt.
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