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I would love to see the sales figures for the whole GP range! I doubt that will ever happen.

I saw the launch video of the GP at NAMM and was interested to try the 717(E) because of the V Brace and the compound carve neck. (intend to never ever buy online again because of the delivery problems I have had.) A matter of weeks, truly, they had some in at least 2 shops near me, one shop 1/2 hour away, another shop 1 hour each way depending on the traffic. (Product from other companies shown at NAMM haven't arrived here yet.) The first shop had it listed very expensively, so I thought I would maybe try it out there and perhaps go to the other shop with the cheaper price advertised....Ha Ha HA aha aha. Played it and loved it , loved the neck, said take it. And then got a discount PLUS a 25% off Easter Sat sale. Couldn't believe it/

While I may be an 'early adopter', all the others are still sitting in the shop, advertised online - I am not game to go there! They may have multiple stock, but I don't think they are selling.

If that is the case everywhere, it is generally a sign that the 'closed' sign is about to go up on the lovely Builder's Edition idea and the V idea and....hope not, they are great. Perhaps people need to have tried a custom guitar or a top end guitar or 2 to appreciate what the BE is?

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